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Container flexitank

2022-03-30 19:31:23


Liquid container bag is a kind of soft packaging container made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), which can store and transport all kinds of non hazardous liquids. Each set of liquid bag can be placed in a 20 foot container with a volume of 15m3-26m3. In the transportation of non dangerous liquid goods, it can replace the expensive traditional packaging such as oil tank truck and iron bucket. It takes about 20 minutes to pave a set of liquid bags. After installation, just connect the valve with the feed port to load. After loading, the containers loaded with goods can be transported in medium and long distance on roads, railways and cargo ships.

Product features

Low procurement cost, high load, light weight and small volume;

Effective cost reduction (including packaging, canning, storage, handling and

Material management and other expenses), only need to pay one-way freight to reduce transportation costs

Cost, no cleaning cost, eliminating the risk of cross contamination of goods;

Simple operation, reliable quality, environmental protection and simplified loading and unloading operation

Procedures, reduce loading and unloading workload and effectively improve work efficiency.

Comparative advantages with other products

No tank car, iron bucket, IBC return cleaning, tank rental and other expenses;

It saves 60% - 70% of the cost than iron bucket and more than 50% of the cost than IBC;

35% - 40% higher than the loading capacity of iron bucket and 20% - 30% higher than IBC;

Save more than 80% time and manpower than iron bucket and more than 50% than IBC;

Greatly reduce cargo damage and residue during loading and unloading;

Reduce the transportation cost of goods and be convenient to use.



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