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PE film

2022-03-30 19:27:55


It has imported the most advanced liquid bag film production equipment and feeding system in China, realized full-automatic, uninterrupted, unmanned and continuous finished product operation through the central monitoring console, and established long-term technical and strategic cooperation relations with major polyethylene raw material suppliers in the world. The annual production of container liquid bag film is 6000 tons, and its physical indexes (tensile strength, elongation at break, dart impact strength, thickness uniformity, kneading resistance, etc.) are at the leading level in the industry.

PE film products:

Good thickness uniformity and stable width; The unique formula ensures high standard mechanical properties and provides good kneading resistance and heat sealing strength.

Widely applicable to:

Food: edible oil, fruit juice, syrup, sorbitol, soy sauce, food additives, etc;

Industrial oils: lubricating oil, base oil, transformer oil, white oil, fatty acid, oleic acid, etc;

Non hazardous liquid chemicals: plasticizer, water reducer, surfactant, ethylene glycol, polyether, alkylbenzene, etc.

Product quality support system:

Professional R & D, quality control and production technology team:

More than 10 years of senior R & D personnel in the industry, ensuring to provide customized product solutions. Five professional quality inspectors have passed the internal quality system training and certification to ensure the product quality. A professional production team led by the person in charge of production who has been engaged in the industry for more than 20 years to ensure product delivery.

Advanced equipment and technology:

Introduce the most advanced liquid bag film production and centralized feeding equipment in China, adopt German technology, realize full-automatic centralized feeding through high-precision weighing and weight loss detection, and realize full-automatic, uninterrupted, unmanned, continuous finished products and automatic winding operation through automatic air ring, automatic detection, automatic thickness control and automatic winding. The whole process shall be controlled according to COA standards.

High performance raw materials:

Dow 8 carbon metallocene raw materials are imported from the United States and produced with pure new materials to ensure the quality stability of the products.

Clean environment:

A clean isolation fan room is set to filter the circulating air with coarse, medium and high efficiency, so as to realize 100000 level purification and separate human and material, so as to ensure the real food grade.

Rigorous testing:

Professional testing laboratory with complete testing equipment. Samples are reserved for each roll of products for full performance testing. Pay special attention to the falling dart impact and anti kneading test of products to ensure the high quality of products.



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