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Qingdao Lide liquid bag Co., Ltd. participated in the formulation of the national standard of test method for kneading resistance of flexible packaging materials

2022-03-30 16:52:59

Recently, the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee initiated the formulation of the national standard on the test method for the kneading resistance of flexible packaging materials. As a benchmark enterprise in the container liquid bag industry, Qingdao Lide liquid bag Co., Ltd. has actively participated in and vigorously promoted the formulation of this standard.

Qingdao Lide liquid bag Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D, design and production of containerized transport packaging containers for non hazardous liquids for ten years. At the same time, it is also committed to the research of new technologies, new standards and new test methods. Previously, it participated in the revision of CRCC railway container liquid bag standard as the main drafter.

In recent years, liquid container bags have become the main packaging method for the transportation of non hazardous liquids in bulk. The flexible packaging barrier materials represented by liquid container bags need to go through the stages of transportation and storage after packaging and before being used by customers. In each stage, they may be subjected to external forces such as kneading and extrusion, which will affect the physical and mechanical properties of the materials. With the maturity of container liquid bag production technology, the industry began to pay too much attention to the physical and mechanical properties of materials, such as tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength and heat sealing strength, and gradually began to focus on the physical and mechanical properties such as impact strength and kneading resistance. Liquid bag enterprises at the forefront of technology have begun to increase the kneading resistance test of liquid bag film in recent years. However, due to the use of American Standard ASTM f392, some of its standards are not applicable to the test of flexible materials. If the maximum number of rubs required is 2700, this is too low for the container liquid bag membrane and is not applicable at all. In addition, there are two requirements for the rotation angle and stroke of the test equipment, which leads to the inconsistency of the standard; The methods of detecting leakage points of rubbed experimental samples are also very different among enterprises, which leads to the problem of great differences in evaluation results. When testing the liquid bag membrane with the same formula, most of the test results of different third parties or enterprises will be inconsistent. There is an urgent need for a set of unified standards that are really suitable for flexible materials, especially container liquid bag membrane.

As early as 2018, our company has researched and customized the kneading tester according to ASTM f392 standard. We chose the most rigorous test angle and test stroke mentioned in the standard, and the number of kneading increased to 10000-20000 times. The kneading tester can simulate the kneading, bending and pressure damage of liquid bag membrane in the process of production, processing and transportation. After the kneading test, the standard kneading resistance is judged by detecting the change of the number of pinholes or the change of barrier performance before and after the sample, which provides a quantitative reference for the packaging design and practical application of liquid bag special film. Through a large number of statistical analysis of the kneading test data in recent years, the analysis data is applied to the packaging design of container liquid bag, which provides a more reliable basis for the safety of container liquid bag.

Based on the above statistical analysis and inspection standards, our company has increased technological innovation and R & D investment, introduced the most advanced liquid bag film production and centralized feeding equipment in China, and independently developed and produced high-performance liquid bag special film through new processes and formulas relying on the strategic cooperation and technical support of major polyethylene raw material suppliers in the world. Advanced equipment technology and unique formula structure make the special membrane for high-performance liquid bag produced by us have excellent mechanical properties, which can realize high dart impact strength and kneading resistance at the same time, avoid leakage caused by material fatigue damage caused by liquid dynamic impact, and is suitable for long-distance high fluidity liquid transportation under cold temperature. The practical application shows that the common accidents such as leakage and cascade are greatly reduced. The use of high-performance liquid bag special film continues the enterprise purpose of Qingdao Lide liquid bag, which has always taken product quality as the core competitiveness, and provides the highest level of protective shield for the safety performance of Lide container liquid bag products!

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